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We Revolutionize Turnarounds

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Who we are

Turnarounds fail to meet the schedule MOST of the time costing hundreds of millions of dollars every year. This madness must be solved. The problem we face is CHAOS. So why the chaos? Because we have no insight to manage. We are trying to manage with attachments in emails, mondo excel spreadsheets, text messages, schedule reports, cost reports, contractor software, SAP and the list goes on. This is no way to manage $100M events. 

We are accepting chaos but it doesn’t have to be this way. We shouldn’t accept the phrase “At best turnarounds are organized chaos.” Other industries don’t accept this so why should we?  

At Picasso Analytics we have built many turnaround processes into our application so event progress can be viewed real-time in dashboards and proactively managed to keep or beat the schedule.  We are looking for early adopters and innovators to work with us in finalizing the innovation by using it and vetting the process.

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What We Solve

During project execution, time is of the essence.
Printouts and spreadsheets are NOT working.
With Picasso you stay ahead of the curve by enhancing the scheduling tools you already use.

Though scheduling tools and earned value management are critical for assessing the quality and success of an event, these are “lagging” indicators. Defining, building and measuring processes become your "leading" indicators and uncover bottlenecks greatly increasing probability for success. 

What is your bottleneck?

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Picasso Earned Value Management

Dashboard View

A proprietary workflow takes you from scheduling software to actionable dashboards in minutes

S-Curve Detail

Drill down from your S-Curve to granular data in just a few clicks.

Actionable Data

Uncover and address problems before they cause project delays

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Picasso Event Management Platform

Identify, Build, and Measure Processes That Drive the Success of Events

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Event Management Dashboard

Real-time status of critical processes that drive the event

Single Source of Truth

Eliminate "He said, She said" with fact based, uniform updates available to all contractor, shop, and owner/operator stakeholders

Archive of Historical Event Data

Trend analysis, performance management, data-based decisions, and benchmarking across all events

True Performance Factor

Owner controlled processes can be separated from contractor processes to accurately assess event success for each stakeholder

Who We Serve

Fixing a Pipe

Turnaround Contractors

Chemical Plant

Owner / Operators


Shops (Exchangers, Valves, Pipe Fabrication, etc.)

Construction Worker

Third Party Inspectors

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"We revolutionize turnarounds by eliminating the chaos"

Jared Oakley, Co-Founder Picasso Analytics, Inc.

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